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Where it all began - Best friends and business partners, Gino and Nicu, have developed multiple startups together. Reaching their 30’s, they realized that most of their knowledge of life was business-related and they lacked an understanding of their deeper existence along with the ability to fully explain their emotions.Many late-night discussions and unanswered questions led them on a self-discovery journey to explore more profound parts of themselves and life. Through teachings and philosophies gained through psychologists, mentors, retreats, and self-help books, they came to realize the power of perception and wanted to share what they had learned to uplift others around them. The idea of Palkoo was inspired by Gino’s wife, Gabriela and her sister Ramona, who had already started creating personalized hardcover books. Through this, Gino and Nicu recognized the potential of investing in the youth to raise a generation of adults who are more aware, loving, and wise. They also knew that parents would be inspired by the compassionate and curious behavior of their children so the ripple effect would allow them to spread their impact far and wide. And so, the journey of Palkoo continues…


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