Special Offers and Discounts

There’s nothing like a good deal! The more accessible we can make our books the better so we have put together a few specials for our readers to enjoy.

Offer 1: Get 15% off when you buy 2 or more books!

Craft a collection of your favorites with our 15% off deal made for the readers who love a story that never ends. Just add two Animated Books in cart and the discount will be added automatically.

Offer 2: Purchase a yearly plan for only $79

A year of life lessons wrapped up into a storybook that doesn’t expire for 365 magical and imaginative days.

Offer 3: Lifetime access for only $399

What’s better than a year filled with animated storybooks? A lifetime of adventures that never expires available for max 3 children.

Offer 4: Big discounts for bulk buyers

Investing in a classroom of kids? Or sharing with a plethora of friends? Order 20 animated books or more and get discounts that will have you dancing around the lounge!